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One of the earliest known settlers was George Crossnore, who built a small cabin close to Clark’s Creek in the early 19th century. Hattie Parks Wright lobbied for the establishment of a post office in the village in 1883 and suggested naming the town after its original settler.

He did indeed live in what is now Crossnore, N.C. but it was in the late 18th century. You will find information about him in your archives showing him there around 1783 and other years, but he and his family moved to Tennessee in the early 19th century. He is listed as living in middle Tennessee in Stewart County in 1802.

In the early 19th century, the family’s name underwent a change, as many names do over the years. The “r” was dropped from the name Crossnore now making it Crossnoe. Then over the years some family members dropped the “e”, others dropping an “s”, but all are descendants of George Crossnore. These names became Crossnoe, Crosnoe, Crossno, Crosno, and Crosskno.

Crossnore, Avery County, North Carolina
Crossnore, North Carolina
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Population:192 (2020)
Named ForGeorge Crossnore

Named For

George Isaac Crossnore

George Crossnore took large land grants in the area in the 1790s and is the namesake for the town of Crossnore, located in Avery County, North Carolina. It is believed that he operated a small store or trading post where the town hall is currently located. The post office was later established there in March 1883.

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Location: 36° 1′ 21″ N, 81° 55′ 50″ W

Area – Land:  0.45 sq mi

Area – Water:  0.0 sq mi

Total Area:  0.45 sq mi

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Crossnore WEATHER

National Register of Historic Places

NameDate ListedLocationNRHP NumberNRHP Application
Crossnore Presbyterian ChurchMar 01, 199636°01′06″N 81°55′47″W96000206View
Weaving Room of Crossnore SchoolApr 25, 200136°01′25″N 81°55′50″W01000417View
Milligan Shuford Wise andTheron Colbert Dellinger HousesAug 27, 200836°01′13″N 81°55′48″W08000811View
Crossnore School Historic DistrictJan 29, 200936°01′25″N 81°55′47″W0900059View

North Carolina Historical Markers

Crossnore School – N44 (1997)

Marker Text:

Founded by Mary Martin Sloop, physician, 1913, to serve region’s youth. Weaving Room, est. 1920, boosted revival of handicrafts. Campus 1/2 mi. W.

Notable People

Tommy Burleson - Crossnore, Avery County, North Carolina
Tommy Burleson
Tommy Burleson

Former NBA player, played on the 1974 NC State National Champion team, and 1972 USA Olympic team.

Virginia Foxx - Crossnore, Avery County, North Carolina
Virginia Foxx
Virginia Foxx

Member of the United States House of Representatives for North Carolina’s 5th congressional district (since 2005)



Virginia Foxx - US House of Representative

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