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Minneapolis is a community located along US 19-E in Avery County, North Carolina. It shares its name with two other cities nationwide: another small town in Kansas, and the much larger and more famous city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, that state’s largest city.

As early as 1904, the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad went through the community of Minneapolis, but bypassed it as it traveled between Cranberry and Montezuma. In 1910 a depot was built, mainly to service a sawmill and asbestos factory; in 1937, the depot was abandoned, but flag stops still continued till 1940. After the rails were removed, the railway bed became the foundation for Old Toe River Road.

Minneapolis, Avery County, North Carolina
Minneapolis, North Carolina
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Population:429 (2020)
Named ForMinneapolis, MN

Named For

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The post office here was established on June 30, 1892. The community was named in honor of Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Dr. L. E. Clark.

Minneapolis, Avery County, North Carolina
Minneapolis, Avery County, North Carolina

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Location: 35°58′17″N 82°00′42″W

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Minneapolis North Carolina


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