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Avery County Cemeteries

According to FindAGrave.com, Avery County, North Carolina has approximately  224 known cemeteries.  The largest is Yellow Mountain Cemetery in Plumtree with 729 memorials.  Newland Cemetery in the city of Newland has 665 memorials followed by Pisgah United Methodist Church Cemetery in Altamont, 660 memorials, Daniels Cemetery in Hughes, 580 memorials and Montezuma Cemetery in Montezuma with 496 memorials.

There are twenty-two burial locations in Avery County that contain only a single memorial.

You can sort the table below alphabetically by Cemetery Name, City, or the number of memorials in each cemetery.

Cemetery NameCityMemorials
A A and Shoner Johnson CemeteryNewland105WWW
Aaron Cornelius Laws Family CemeteryCranberry28
Alvin Hicks Family CemeteryElk Park15WWW
Arvil Clark CemeteryCrossnore40WWW
Ashley CemeteryNewland290WWW
Aycock Family CemeteryAltamont1WWW
Bailey Lee CemeteryNewland13WWW
Banner CemeteryElk Park188
Banner Elk CemeteryBanner Elk338
Banner Elk United Methodist Memorial GardenBanner Elk9
Beech Bottom Mennonite CemeteryFrank52WWW
Beech Creek CemeteryBeech Mountain / Avery County264
Beech Mountain Baptist Church CemeteryElk Park175
Belview CemeteryCranberry133
Ben Eller CemeteryHeaton1
Benfield CemeteryCrossnore91
Berry-Calloway CemeterySugar Mountain / Avery County11
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church CemeteryIngalls104
Big Meadows Missionary Baptist Church CemeteryNewland370
Blue Ridge Mountain Church CemeteryElk Park6
Bowers CemeteryMinneapolis2
Bowlick Family CemeteryHeaton53
Boyd Ollis Family CemeteryNewland4WWW
Braswell Family CemeteryAvery County5WWW
Brewer-Hughes CemeteryAvery County5WWW
Brian Ward Burial SiteElk Park1WWW
Bright’s CemeteryAvery County2WWW
Buchanan Family CemeterySpear1WWW
Buck Hill Presbyterian Church CemeteryNewland44WWW
Burleson CemeteryAvery County108WWW
Callahan CemeteryMinneapolis2WWW
Calloway CemeteryPineola150WWW
Cannon CemeteryAvery County43WWW
Carpenter CemeteryCarpenter Bottom48WWW
Cary Flat CemeteryGragg157WWW
Church Family CemeteryElk Park9WWW
Church of Jesus Christ CemeteryNewland140WWW
Clark CemeteryCrossnore67WWW
Cook CemeteryAvery County80WWW
Cook CemeteryElk Park39WWW
Cooper & Ellis CemeteryNewland33WWW
Corbbet F Winters CemeteryAvery County1WWW
Cornett-Church CemeteryNewland23WWW
Cranberry CemeteryCranberry442WWW
Crawford CemeteryAvery County23WWW
Crossnore Baptist Church CemeteryCrossnore62WWW
Crossnore Presbyterian Church CemeteryCrossnore92WWW
Cuthbertson CemeteryCrossnore104WWW
Daniels CemeteryHughes580WWW
Dave Beers Family CemeteryAvery County6WWW
Dellinger Family CemeterySpear1WWW
Dwelling Place ColumbariumBanner Elk79WWW
Ed Buchanan CemeteryMinneapolis97WWW
Elijah Smith CemeteryElk Park9WWW
Elk Mountain Freewill Baptist Church CemeteryNewland156WWW
Elk Valley Baptist Church CemeteryAvery County178WWW
Eller CemeteryAvery County19WWW
English Family CemeteryIngalls2WWW
Estep CemeteryWhaley1WWW
Fairview Baptist Church CemeteryNewland139WWW
Fall Branch Family CemeteryNewland1WWW
Fall Creek Baptist Church CemeteryElk Park148WWW
First Baptist Church CemeteryNewland15WWW
Flat Springs Baptist Church CemeteryElka Park269WWW
Fletcher CemeteryNewland32WWW
Fork Mountain CemeteryNewland438WWW
Fox CemeteryAvery County39WWW
Franklin CemeteryPyatte38WWW
Gerald Johnson Family CemeteryBanner Elk1WWW
Gladys C Wise Family CemeterySpear5WWW
Grady Trivett CemeteryElk Park29WWW
Gragg CemeteryGragg29WWW
Gragg CemeteryRoseborough22WWW
Gragg CemeteryLinville33WWW
Gragg CemeteryGrandfather20WWW
Gragg CemeteryGragg38WWW
Gragg GraveyardGragg14WWW
Green Buchanan CemeteryAvery County102WWW
Green Valley Baptist Church CemeterySpear262WWW
Greene CemeteryAvery County24WWW
Guy CemeteryAvery County49WWW
Gwyn Family CemeteryElk Park4WWW
Harris Memorial CemeteryIngalls30WWW
Hayes Orchard CemeteryElk Park13WWW
Hayhurst Family CemeteryAvery County1WWW
Heaton CemeteryElk Park358WWW
Henley-Moore CemeteryMontezuma6WWW
Hensons Creek CemeteryAvery County5WWW
Hicks CemeteryAvery County13WWW
Hicks Family CemeteryElk Park28WWW
Hicks Family CemeteryBeech Mountain5WWW
Hobson CemeteryAvery County4WWW
Hollander Family CemeteryRoseborough42WWW
Holtsclaw CemeteryCranberry48WWW
Home CemeteryAvery County12WWW
Home CemeteryAvery County3WWW
Hopson Family CemeteryRoaring Creek3WWW
Houston CemeterySpear60WWW
Houston Family CemeteryRoaring Creek4WWW
Hughes CemeteryNewland4WWW
Hughes CemeteryHughes260WWW
Hughes Memorial ParkRoaring Creek230WWW
Ingram CemeteryIngalls19WWW
Jacob Carpenter CemeteryThree Mile5WWW
Jacob Puckett CemeteryBanner Elk1WWW
James Thaddeus Braswell GraveAvery County1WWW
James William Trivett Family CemeteryElk Park4WWW
Jennie Wilson BurialAvery County2WWW
Jesse Church Family CemeteryElk Park3WWW
Joel Trivett CemeteryAvery County16WWW
John Harmon CemeteryElk Park65WWW
John Johnson CemeteryCrossnore266WWW
John Taylor Community CemeteryCranberry Gap33WWW
Jones CemeteryAvery County37WWW
Landon H. Guy Family CemeteryWhaley5WWW
Leason Carroll Gragg CemeteryLinville9WWW
Ledford CemeteryAvery County83WWW
Lee CemeteryAvery County51WWW
Lindecamp Family CemeteryNewland1WWW
Long Family CemeteryNewland1WWW
Lowdermilk CemeteryGragg7WWW
Lowe CemeteryBanner Elk7WWW
Lower CemeteryAvery County1WWW
Lowman Family CemeteryLinville2WWW
Maltba Family CemeteryAltamont2WWW
Marion Buchanan CemeteryFrank22WWW
Mayberry-Pritchard CemeteryCranberry13WWW
McCourys Rock CemeteryAvery County73WWW
McGuire CemeteryElk Park135WWW
McKinney CemeteryElk Park178WWW
Minneapolis Methodist Church CemeteryMinneapolis418WWW
Mitchell CemeteryWhaley18WWW
Mollie Guinn CemeteryElk Park151WWW
Montezuma CemeteryMontezuma496WWW
Mottern CemeteryBeech Mountain1WWW
Mount Calvary Baptist Church CemeteryBanner Elk277WWW
Mount Gilead Baptist Church CemeteryMount Gilead124WWW
Mount Zion United Methodist CemeteryIngalls309WWW
Nanny Barbs GardenNewland1WWW
New Hope Independent Baptist Church CemeteryIngalls3WWW
Newland CemeteryNewland665WWW
Nick Pyatte CemeteryPyatte55WWW
Noah WebbHughes3WWW
Norris CemeteryBeech Mountain26WWW
Oakes Cemetery on Elk RiverAvery County23WWW
Oaks CemeteryElk Park10WWW
Old Beech Mountain CemeteryFlat Springs13WWW
Old Elk Valley Baptist Church CemeteryElk Valely95WWW
Oscar Ketron Birchfield JrElk Park2WWW
Palmer CemeteryAvery County35WWW
Penland Family CemeteryNewland11WWW
Peter Hardin CemeteryElk Park16WWW
Phillips CemeteryIngalls12WWW
Pilgrim Baptist Church CemeteryElk Park172WWW
Pine Grove United Methodist Church CemeteryAvery County308WWW
Pineola Presbyterian Church CemeteryPineola435WWW
Pisgah United Methodist Church CemeteryAltamont660WWW
Pittman CemeterySpear271WWW
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church CemeteryFrank3WWW
Plumtree AME Zion CemeteryAvery County64WWW
Potts CemeteryBanner Elk7WWW
Pritchard CemeteryAvery County29WWW
Proffitt CemeteryElk Park2WWW
Puckett CemeteryNewland25WWW
Puckett Family CemeteryBanner Elk1WWW
Richard Sluder Family CemeteryNewland2WWW
Richardson Family CemeteryElk Park30WWW
Rilda Gwyn Laws CemeteryCranberry7WWW
Roan Creek Baptist Church CemeteryAvery County1WWW
Roaring Creek Lower CemeteryAvery County118WWW
Robert Pittman CemeterySpear4WWW
Roy Guy Family CemeteryWhaley2WWW
Samuel Carpenter CemeteryThree Mile3WWW
Shade Family Cemetery – PlumtreeAvery County1WWW
Slippery Hill CemeteryAvery County397WWW
Smith CemeteryBanner Elk3WWW
Smith CemeteryBanner Elk3WWW
Smith Community CemeteryBanner Elk74WWW
Smith Family CemeteryBanner Elk32WWW
Smith-Teaster Family CemeteryBanner Elk6WWW
Spear Top CemeteryNewland3WWW
Stamey Family CemeteryAvery County127WWW
Stines Family CemeteryWhaley12WWW
Summerow CemeteryNewland15WWW
Tanglewood CemeteryLinville424WWW
Tate Family CemeteryAvery County119WWW
Taylor CemeteryAvery County110WWW
Taylor Family CemeteryNewland6WWW
Taylors Chapel CemeteryElk Park443WWW
Temple Baptist Church CemeteryThree Mile17WWW
Thomas Family CemeteryMinneapolis13WWW
Thompson CemeterySpear23WWW
Thompson Family CemeteryBeech Mountain7WWW
Three Mile CemeteryIngalls2WWW
Three Mile Creek CemeteryThree Mile4WWW
Townsend CemeteryNorwood Hollow74WWW
Trivett Cemetery North Hill GapElk Park70WWW
Tyre WebbGrandfather2WWW
Valley Haven Baptist Church CemeteryBanner Elk55WWW
Vance Family CemeteryNewland2WWW
Walnut Grove Presbyterian Church CemeteryNewland50WWW
Ward CemeteryAvery County32WWW
Ward Family CemeteryElk Park3WWW
Waycaster Family CemeteryNewland2WWW
Webb CemeteryAvery County35WWW
Whitaker Branch CemeteryBeech Bottom72WWW
White Pine CemeteryNewland128WWW
Whitehead Family CemeteryBanner Elk19WWW
Whites Memorial Baptist Church CemeteryNewland73WWW
William Braswell Burial SiteThree Mile1WWW
William H. Carpenter CemeteryNewland6WWW
William H. Carpenter CemeteryNewland6WWW
Windshaken CemeteryAvery County1WWW
Winters CemeteryElk Park37WWW
Winters Family CemeteryElk Park6WWW
Winters Stateline CemeteryElk Park29WWW
Wise CemeteryAltamont11WWW
Wise CemeteryNewland18WWW
Wise-Wiseman-Carpenter Family CemeteryThree Mile3WWW
Wiseman CemeteryAvery County6WWW
Wiseman-Pyatte CemeteryIngalls13WWW
Woodie Family CemeteryNewland6WWW
Wright Family CemeteryNewland6WWW
Yellow Mountain CemeteryPlumtree729WWW